Thank you all for bringing color to the Swamp Rabbit Trail!!!!!”  

– Amy Ryberg Doyle, Greenville City Council


Feeling Good



We come to the trail to feel good, to get the blood moving, take a deep breath–or several…, to hear ourselves think.  The trail offers a refuge, shielding us from the bustle of traffic, buffering the urban noise so we can focus on our fitness, gather our thoughts or clear our heads.  Whether you are in training, getting back in shape or just spending quality time with a furry companion you’re not coming to the trail to think about how stressful your freaking day, week, life… has been.  You’ve come to feel good. On the trail there are plenty of things to feel good about.  The surprise of a bright red bird darting across your path, a simple squirrel leaping along beside you, the gurgle of water in the stream or the steady beat of your own heart… can shift everything.  Maybe you want to sweat it all out.  Maybe you just want to stroll and sit.  Or maybe you want to visit that colony of frogs.

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World, Meet “Ethyl”! Ethyl, Meet World!


“The Runner”, nicknamed “Ethyl” is the second piece in the collection to be installed on the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail.  Designed to capture what it actually feels like to run – the freedom of movement through space – the kinetic sculpture is ten feet tall, constructed out of  plasma-cut steel and coated with acrylic paint. Three sections spin independently. Artists Ryan Calloway, Jason Anderson and Carey Morton of Creative Ironworks, and David A. Butts of Taylors Mill collaborated with Kathleen King to bring “The Runner” to life.

The artwork was funded by The Greenville Track Club and VisitGreenvilleSC.  The GTC is placing their former president Darrell Jennewine’s bronzed running shoes under a bench near the sculpture and the piece will be dedicated to his memory this fall. “Ethyl” can be found  near the train track crossing on the Swamp Rabbit Trail north of Bramlett St. and south of W. Washington St.

Our thanks go to Hugh Hamilton and Peggy Haden of Republic Locomotive for giving Ethyl space to ‘run’ on their property, Greenways Director, Ty Houck and crew for literally pouring concrete and generally ‘clearing the way’, Ron Chappell of the GTC for shepherding the process, and the crew at the Swamp Rabbit Inn.  Do take a jog down the Trail to say “Hi” to Ethyl.  Please stay tuned for the date and join us at the dedication celebration!

Are You Inn?

unnamed-3The leaves are falling and a lot has been going on behind the scenes with the Swamp Rabbit Trail Public Art Collection.  Your fearless independent coordinator has fallen behind in the reportage.  So let’s get caught up!

We had a party!  A casual fundraiser was held at the Swamp Rabbit Inn to raise awareness for the project and share some of our plans for the future.  Many thanks to all who attended and helped to make it a very fun evening!  Thank you to those who donated to make the event a success including the Swamp Rabbit Inn itself as our venue, Rick Erwin’s Deli for some sweets and private donations for the rest.  Time and energy from Katie Skoloff, Amy Ryberg Doyle, Wendy Lynam, R2, Lisa Parks and Marie Kernell helped to pull it all together.  If you would like to be on our mailing list for future events please enter your information on this form.

We had displays of proposed future sites for installations along the Trail in both the city and county..


Some tasty treats…

party food_2

A lot of great conversation…


Showed off the apparel available for purchase…


Limited edition “The Tortoise has a Spare” bike jersey and “1km” T-shirts.  The Jersey showcases project funders. Find out more about them and purchase here.  All sales benefit the project!

image-3 DSCN0139

And the unveiling of this… 


The prototype for the next installation: “The Runner”.  A ten-foot tall, kinetic, metal sculpture, funded, in part, by The Greenville Track Club.  Find out more about its creation, here.  The nuts and bolts (approvals and permissions) for the site are still being arranged but we should have confirmation soon.

If you would like to lend your financial support to the installation of “The Runner” sculpture or the future growth of this collection please enter your contact info here.  Please stay tuned for more public art news from the Trail!

Art by Fire

DSCN9822_2In order to translate the scribble of “The Runner” into a ten-foot-tall, kinetic, metal sculpture I would have to acquire some new skills, get over my fear of injuring my hands (arms, face, feet…) with sharp things and hot things, and rely HEAVILY on the experience, patience and artistry of the daredevils at Ryan Calloway’s Creative Ironworks.  Gentleman all, they restrained themselves from laughing at my numerous trepidations and naiveté. Thanks, guys – Ryan, Jason, and Carey. Looking forward to grinding out the big sculpture under the guidance of all y’all!

We embarked on the production of a 3 ft. prototype.  Wise advice.  The following is a photo essay of that journey.  The creation of “The Runner” sculpture is funded, in part, by a generous donation from The Greenville Track Club.  If you would like to contribute financially to its completion, please send us your contact information via this form.  Thank you!

All images on this site are the sole property of Swamp Rabbit Traill Public Art Collection Artists.  Reposts on the web must be credited as such.  Do not reproduce without permission.

They’re here!

“The Tortoise Has a Spare”  Cycling jerseys are here in men’s and women’s styles and sizes.  Proceeds from the sale of the jerseys go toward funding future art installations along the full length of the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  We plan to do a jersey commemorating each work of art installed making them quite collectable!  The sponsors for each piece will be included in the design as they are on this one.  This jersey’s sponsors are:  The Daniel –  Mickel Foundation; TTR Bikes; Bike Walk Greenville; Greenville County Recreation Department and The Swamp Rabbit Inn.  You can purchase “The Tortoise Has a Spare”  Bike Jersey in the Bike Scribbles online storejerseyproof_2image-3jerseyproof_3      image-1